Kyle Berg


Born the son of a jazz pianist and a dance instructor, Kyle has been immersed in music and the arts his whole life. From the time he could walk, he spent the majority of his spare time in the recording studio with his father (while recording albums or writing and recording advertising jingles) or hanging around the dance studio with his mother and sisters. He took piano lessons, played the drums and took up alto saxophone all before he was in Junior High School.

Kyle was first attracted to DJ-ing in elementary school when he was a competitive speed skater at the local skating rink in Houston, Texas. When his family relocated to Los Angeles, Kyle was exposed to a completely new kind of DJ, and his identity really began to take shape. The rave scene in LA throughout the early to mid 90's exposed Kyle to many different styles of DJ-ing and genres of dance music. Tinkering with all of them, Kyle predominantly played breaks and studied Turntablism. Throughout his teens, Kyle organized and promoted, engineered sound and designed productions for and DJ'd rave shows and music festivals in LA. All of this before he was old enough to vote.

At the age of 18, Kyle took a job working for a family manufacturing business and relocated back to Houston to work with and study under his uncle. Throughout his 10 years with that company, Kyle continued to DJ, organize, promote, engineer sound and design productions for rave shows and music festivals throughout Texas and the Southwest United States. As that scene died down in the early 2000's, Kyle began to shift his focus to DJ-ing in nightclubs and has since held residencies at seemingly every popular nightclub in Houston.

In 2007, Kyle left the manufacturing company to solely focus on his music and DJ career. He adopted an open format style of mixing, which allows him to tap-in to his deep well of musical knowledge and experiences. When at an event where Kyle is performing, you never know what to expect. His history and exposure to so many different styles of music allows him to take risks and blend musical genres together that other DJ's won't go near, but it works! Throughout this process Kyle has held a residency at the worldwide Pangaea Nightclubs and become the go-to DJ for special events around Texas ranging from private promotions for liquor companies to giant productions for Red Bull North America and Music Festivals. Kyle is a member of the world-famous BoothPimps and some of his recent honors include being nominated for the Houston Press 2010 DJ of the year & being crowned the #1 DJ in Texas (Red Bull Tex-Mix 2010 DJ Battle).